We are extremely grateful to all who wish to volunteer with us. After you complete our online volunteer application, please attend a volunteer orientation - schedule your orientation by emailing sweetvolunteer@gmail.com
Thank you!

Please note: During the winter months we have limited volunteer opportunites. All potential volunteers must attend an orientation. After the orientation we will add your information to our seasonal volunteer list and contact you when we need assistance with specific projects. Our needs greatly increase in the late spring and summer months.

Areas of Interest

Production Team 

Be a part of our quickly developing production department that supplies Sweet Water goods to restaurants like La Merenda, Comet, Coquette, and many more. Help with activities like harvesting, sowing seeds, replanting our lettuce seedlings into our systems, and composting. You must be able to climb to perform certain tasks.

General Farm work

This can be almost anything from building raised beds, outdoor palnting, landscape duties and composting. Changes seasonally.

Horticulture Team 

Care for our plants. Assist in pest and disease management, plant propagation, and evolving our methods of growing.

Soil Team 

We assess our projects every week. Be involved with activities such as building vermiculture systems, developing our compost, and taking care of Sweet Water worms.

Water Chemistry

Volunteer water chemists conduct analyses for basic water quality parameters that determine system health for both plants and fish. These parameters provide important information necessary to evaluate environmental conditions and make appropriate system adjustments.

Sweet Water is committed to restoring the Greater Milwaukee watersheds to conditions that are healthy for swimming and fishing. We bring diverse partners together and provide the leadership and innovation necessary to protect and restore our shared water resources.