50 Steps Toward Carbon-Free Transportation Webinar

August 31, 2017 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Wisconsin Green Muslims [1] invites you to a webinar on “50 Steps
Toward Carbon-Free Transportation” on Thursday, August 31, 2017, 12-1
pm CT.




The Unites States’ transportation system has emerged as Climate Enemy
#1, with cars, trucks and other vehicles now representing the nation’s
largest source of carbon pollution. In fact, America’s transportation
sector produces more greenhouse gas pollution than any entire nation in
the world other than China, India and Russia.

To avoid the worst impacts of global warming, experts say we must slash
carbon pollution and transition to an economy run by clean energy. The
Frontier Group’s 50 Steps Toward Carbon-Free Transportation:
Rethinking U.S. Transportation Policy to Fight Global Warming [2]
identifies 50 key policies that states and the federal government must
adopt to put us on the path toward a zero-carbon transportation system.
Join us for a discussion of the report and for examples of how advocates
are pushing for local, state and federal transportation reforms in the
Midwest and beyond to help tackle the climate crisis.


Tony Dutzik, senior policy analyst, Frontier Group, author of _50 Steps
Toward Carbon-Free Transportation_:
Tony focuses on the intersection of transportation, energy, and the
climate. He is the lead author of numerous reports, including _A New Way
to Go_ and _A New Way Forward_, which reviewed the impacts and potential
benefits of technology-enabled transportation services. A frequent
writer and speaker on transportation issues, his work has received
national and international media attention, including coverage in the
_New York Times_, the _Wall Street Journal_, the _Financial Times_, and
on National Public Radio. He graduated from Pennsylvania State
University and holds a Master’s degree from Boston University. He is
based in Boston.

Aminah Zaghab, Global Warming Solutions Advocate, Environment America
Aminah Zaghab is Environment America’s Global Warming Solutions
Advocate, based in Washington, D.C. She received her bachelor’s degree
in political science from Yale University and a J.D. focusing on global
environmental and human rights law from University of Maryland, Francis
King Carey School of Law. Prior to joining Environment America, Aminah
worked for Forum Nobis,  EarthRights International and the University of
Maryland School of Law Gender Violence Clinic.

Peter Skopec, Director, Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group

Peter Skopec is the director of WISPIRG, a nonpartisan nonprofit that
uses grassroots organizing, advocacy and research to push for
transportation reform, safeguard public health, and protect consumers in
the financial marketplace. Peter studied Political Science at
Northwestern University where he also got his start in grassroots
organizing. Before coming to WISPIRG, Peter worked at New Jersey PIRG,
at the Robert Schuman Foundation and at the Institute for Strategic
Research of the French Military Academy, both in Paris, France.

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