Riveredge Adventure Challenge

August 27, 2017 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm
4458 County Rd Y
Saukville, WI 53080

Paddle the pond, sing a silly song, and jump around at the second annual Riveredge Adventure Challenge!  Teams of family and friends are invited to complete a 3 mile trek dotted with a string of up to 8 physical and mental, wacky and wet, squishy and silly, fun-filled challenges! Teammates must work together to complete a challenge (task, obstacle, relay, etc.) before advancing to next challenge station. Participants should wear closed toed shoes and be prepared to get a little dirty and wet – it’s part of the fun!

Collaboration, communication, and working together will prove to be extremely important skills to finish this adventure challenge!  The adventure course and challenges have been tailored to participants ages 8 and above. Although most activities do involve a physical component, some activities may require a large amount of brain power and creativity!

Tips for Adventure Challengers:

Waves begin every 5 minutes.

Teams should consist of 4 individuals. (See below for

Pack a change of clothes and maybe a snack to enjoy after the challenge is complete!

Non-participant observers are welcome to watch from the starting/ending point of the challenge. Please be aware that observers will not be able to view all challenges from the observation zone.

Parking is free. Water is provided. Memories will be created organically.

Examples of Challenges you may encounter:

Paddle a canoe with no actual paddles at Heron Pond

Search for a marshmallow in a kiddy pool full of pudding in Together Trek Woods

Egg Balancing board walk at Vernal Pond


I have a family of five or six and we’d like to be a team. Is that possible? If not, how can the extra people in my family participate if we can not make up a second team of four? Differently sized groups are defintely possible but only four team members will be able to participate at each challenge. If switching off works for you, additional team members can be added to your team while registering for $10 per additional teammate.

I have a child younger than eight who wants to participate? Our age limit is a guideline.  The day will involve a fast pace, a bit of distance, and some physical challenges that are best suited to kids 8+ and adults.  You, however, are the best judge of your child’s abilities!

Does there have to be an adult in the group? What if my children and their friends want to make a team? That’s totally fine! All we ask is that if there is no-one older than 14 on the team, that an adult comes along with the group to keep an eye on things. That adult will not need to pay if they are not participating!

Ready to accept the challenge? Registration is $50 for a non-member team of 4 or just $35 for a member team of 4. Don’t have enough for a team of 4? Register as individuals, and we’ll pair you up with other folks looking to make a team! Individual registration is $15 for non-members or $12 for members.

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