Outpost Natural Foods

To celebrate fresh, made-from-scratch foods, sustainable living and the transformative power of a genuine, local economy.
Who We Are
Outpost Natural Foods exists so that our owners have a healthy, diverse, and sustainable community. We sell the freshest and best tasting groceries in town and have been since 1970, when "organic" was still a concept. We are your local brand you can trust!
What We Do
We are a co-op that is environmentally responsible. A co-op is a kind of business that operates for the benefit of its co-owners. Unlike corporately-owned businesses that make decisions primarily to maximize profits, co-ops make decisions to maximize services to their owners and their community. Any business can be organized as a co-op: grocery stores, credit unions, housing facilities, child day cares, and hospitals are all good examples of co-ops. Adhering to democratic principles, co-ops provide millions of jobs, stimulate the economy, and enhance the communities that they serve!
Why It Matters
Since 1970, we have been one of the greater Milwaukee area's most trusted grocers.We wear our values on our sleeve - friendly, knowledgeable, and fast service/quality goods that meet our high product standards and are always fresh. The vendors who bring us the best tasting foods deepen and strengthen our local economy into a fair, diverse, and supportive workplace.
100 E. Capitol Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53222
June 5, 2017
In December 2011, Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative joined the Sustainable Food Trade Association (SFTA).
March 9, 2017
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