Milwaukee Area Science Advocates

Milwaukee Area Science Advocates (MASA) is a volunteer-run nonprofit championing scientific enthusiasm, understanding, and legislative value in the Milwaukee area.
Who We Are
MASA launched from the 2017 March for Science. Coming up to the March, it became clear that there was enough momentum of leadership, volunteers, and audience members to treat the March less as a climax and more as a kickoff. In the spirit of the March, MASA continues to serve as a public relations campaign for Milwaukee's scientific community and affairs.
What We Do
We strive to engage the community in evidence-based programs, promote awareness of local scientific affairs, and collaborate with diverse partners to positively influence public opinion in the areas of Science Education, Public Health, and Sustainability.
Why It Matters
Science at its core is about understanding the reality we live in to its fullest. What good is this knowledge if we as individuals and as a society don’t act on it or have the tools to understand what the data means? MASA is about advocating for quality science education in our community and beyond. It is about strong investment into scientific research both for improving our well-being and the new technology that arises through scientific discoveries.
1845 N Farwell Ave Suite 100
Milwaukee, WI 53202
great lakes
November 2, 2017
Dan Egan is a reporter for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, acclaimed for his coverage of the Great Lakes.
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