Muslims Stand Up for Environmental Justice: A Conversation with Huda Alkaff

The founder of Wisconsin Green Muslims talks about her group’s solar and water conservation work rooted in faith and justice, and its Greening Ramadan initiative for the Islamic holy month.
Anna M Gade

On May 7, in the days before the beginning of the Islamic month of Ramadan, I spoke with Huda Alkaff, a trained ecologist and environmental educator. Alkaff is founder and director of Wisconsin Green Muslims, a state-wide environmental justice group based in Milwaukee that has received national recognition for its leadership, from Wisconsin to the White House.

We discussed two featured projects of Wisconsin Green Muslims: promoting access to solar energy with the “Faith & Solar” initiative, and water resource conservation and management with “Faithful Rainwater Harvesting.” Alkaff also explained the popularity of the current Greening Ramadan initiative, which extends to communities across the country. Alkaff reflected on engagement with various mosques, diverse non-Muslim faith-based organizations as well as the process of building bridges with non-religious environmental groups overall. Religious commitments such as to “stand for justice” (Q. 4:135) energize Wisconsin Green Muslims to “stand up for environmental and climate justice,” as Alkaff explained, with activism that strives for inclusion and equity for marginalized communities.

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