Force for Positive Change Award

WasteCap Wins 2018 Force for Positive Change Award

WasteCap receives coveted Force for Positive Change Award for social impact in Wisconsin.
Travis Blomberg

(March 22, 2018) -- MILWAUKEE, WIS. -- WasteCap Resource Solutions was presented with the prestigious Force for Positive Change Award for making a substantial social impact in Wisconsin. WasteCap won the hotly contested Manufacturing / Art / Design / Construction prize category over other finalists such as 7 Rivers Recycling, Cathedral Squared Enterprises, and Eye Heart World. The $12,500 award will be used to fund WasteCap's deconstruction and salvage training services.

"We are truly honored and humbled. This award could have gone to any of the amazing applicants,” said Travis Blomberg, Executive Director of WasteCap. “Winning this award represents a collaborative effort from our employees, members, Board of Directors, customers, and past leadership. I want to extend a huge thank you to John and Tashia Morgridge, Marquette University, WARF, American Family Insurance, Promega, Campus Compact, Ashoka, StartingBlock Madison, 707 Hub and all of the volunteers that made this event possible."

Over the last 20 years, WasteCap has provided lasting, measurable change across the state of Wisconsin. Since 1996, WasteCap has diverted 1,246,220,380 lbs. of material from the landfill. More recently, WasteCap has spurred deconstruction efforts across the Greater Milwaukee Area. Similar to WasteCap’s past operations, it will continue to collaborate with contractors to save materials from entering the landfill.

When asked about WasteCap's model, Blomberg responded, "The WasteCap model is unique because it is a hybrid between a waste reduction consulting firm and reuse warehouse store. This model is innovative and better suited to solve social/environmental issues because WasteCap identifies the root cause of the issues and collaborates directly with the businesses to ensure best management practices are completed. Most nonprofits try to solve these immense challenges on their own, instead of leveraging existing strategic partnerships to solve the same goals."

WasteCap has high hopes to grow its operation. WasteCap will continue to expand its training and consulting efforts to provide financial stability to the organization. Additionally, its retail operation will continue to stock high quality reclaimed building materials for the local community.


WasteCap Resource Solutions is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization providing waste reduction and recycling assistance for the benefit of business and the environment. The WasteCap mission is supported through a variety of initiatives rooted in waste diversion including construction and demolition waste management, deconstruction and salvage, zero waste consulting and LEED® administration. Join us in transforming waste into resource at and @WasteCap.

To provide waste reduction and recycling assistance for the benefit of business and the environment.