Sociocracy: Three key tools

Friends of Milwaukee's Downtown Forest promotes the use of sociocratic organizational structure and decision making processes for its own operation and for other organizations in Milwaukee. Jennifer Rau explains 3 key elements to get you started.
Sociocracy for All SoFA: Jennifer Rau

Three tools from sociocracy to use right away (plus magic phrases!)

Many organizations are intrigued by the idea of self-governance using circle-based frameworks. However, it can be intimidating to implement those methods. You’ll have to do research, train everyone, implement — months or even years of transition time. And regular work needs to get done as well! I always compare changes in governance to beating heart surgery. Tricky — at the very least.
Is there an easier way? Most of all, is there a safer way? Something that’s not all-or-nothing but more step-by-step? Luckily, sociocracy lends itself for that. You can start with something and then add more features if and when you want. You do not have to ask anyone for permission. You have full power over your governance method.
The 3 tools presented here don’t need long explanations or trainings. You can do a small-scale experiment and evaluate how it went. When you’re ready to hear more beyond those three tools, I am happy to point you to the next step.
I picked these three tools because, in our experience, these are the tools that our training participants bring into their companies and that stick the most. Try themand see what you think.

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The purpose of Friends of Milwaukee’s Downtown Forest is to envision, design, advocate, and install Permaculture based Urban Edible Forests in metropolitan Milwaukee. This design shall incorporate permaculture guilds as models for others to replicate.