Permaculture Design Principles

Friends of Milwaukee's Downtown Forest promotes the used of Permaculture design throughout Milwaukee's public spaces, large, medium and small.
David Holmgren

The foundations of permaculture are the ethics (centre)

care for earth, care for people, fair share for all;

which guide the use of the 12 design principles:

Individual focus:

Observe and Interact, Catch and Store Energy, Get a Yield, Self Regulation/ Accept Feedback, Use and Value Natures Gifts, Produce no Waste;

Integrative focus:

Design fro Pattern to Details, Integrate not Segregate, Small and Slow Solutions, Value Diversity, Value the Edge, Respond to Change;

ensuring that they are used in appropriate ways.

These principles are seen as universal, although the methods used to express them will vary greatly according to the place and situation. They are applicable to our personal, economic, social and political reorganisation as illustrated in the permaculture flower.
Each principle can be thought of as a door that opens into whole systems thinking, providing a different perspective that can be understood at varying levels of depth and application.

The purpose of Friends of Milwaukee’s Downtown Forest is to envision, design, advocate, and install Permaculture based Urban Edible Forests in metropolitan Milwaukee. This design shall incorporate permaculture guilds as models for others to replicate.