5th Annual Sustainability Report Highlights

Our commitment to transparency and sustainability reporting is strong!
Jessy Servi Ortiz

In December 2011, Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative joined the Sustainable Food Trade Association (SFTA). By joining the SFTA, Outpost pledged to monitor and track its sustainability initiatives; measure its carbon footprint; set goals for the future, and maintain a continuous improvement process. In March 2013, we published our inaugural sustainability report covering the fiscal year 2012. In honor of our fifth year reporting, we are choosing to publish this version of the detailed report and an anniversary addition that will highlight our impact over the last five years.

By reporting annually on our sustainability metrics, we are able to track Outpost’s ecological footprint; understand our social impact; determine appropriate metrics; and set goals for future improvement. As a culture, and as an organization, we are on a continuous growth path, which again coincides with Outpost’s mission. Outpost is a leader in the community for its sustainable business practices. The goal is to thrive financially, socially, and environmentally, and to set an example for the community, for other cooperatives, and for each other so we can live to our highest potential with the least amount of impact.

View all our reports at our website: https://www.outpost.coop/about/sustainability/sustainability_report.php

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