Melissa Tashjian, president of Compost Crusader, and Matthew
Scanella, founder of Steel Farmer in front of the new building in Saint

                  It's official! Compost Crusader has a new home! We are moving out of
our house on sixth street and into a big beautiful industrial warehouse
with attached office space. Thank you to all who have shown so much
passion and support for our goal of diverting organic matter from
landfills. We couldn't have diverted over 2.5 MILLION POUNDS of organic
matter from landfills without you. Now that we have this space, our
dreams are that much closer to being reality!

WHO? Compost Crusader teamed up with Steel Farmer to purchase the

WHAT? A beautiful 9000+ square feet industrial building. The main
warehouse is split into two sections, and there is an office in front
and a yard in the back!

WHEN? We closed on the building on April 28 -- we had to catch our
breath and get started on the huge task of moving before we could tell

WHERE? 1780a E Bolivar Ave., St. Francis, WI. just North of Mitchell
International Airport conveniently located just between Interstate 94
and Highway 794. Steel Farmer is in the front warehouse and Compost
Crusader is in the back one.

WHY? We outgrew our previous home- starting a business out of your
garage is a super cool and romantic thing, but at some point the
business is too big (and your living space is too small) and a change is
needed. Parking our trucks inside the new building this coming winter
will give them a much needed break from the cold, a central office will
streamline communication within our company, and the space will allow us
to warehouse the totes and bio-bags that you have all come to know as
part of your daily routine!

WHAT WILL CHANGE FOR ME? _Nothing!_ Our compost pickups, bio-bag
deliveries, and educational programing will continue on schedule - the
connection between dumpster and dirt is stronger than ever!

CAN I COME VISIT? Yes! Due to the move, we are in and out of the
building, but we would love to see you. Call 262-394-6075 to find out
when someone will be there to show you around! Visitors will get first
dibs on five gallon buckets of compost! $5 only - keep your garden going


  Steel Farmer, LLC is a one year old company that represents a lifetime
of learning and planning for Matthew Scanella. The goal for Steel Farmer
is to be a full service provider of on and off site structural and
architectural metal work. Matthew's work is visible all over Milwaukee,
and a large network of craftspeople have come to regard Matt as an
excellent problem solver and someone who can take a blueprint and
produce a functional and durable part of their building or project.
"Steel Farmer - Metal fabrication that is only limited to your

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