Bringing a Southern Culinary Tradition North

When life’s road led Martha Davis Kipcak north from her native Texas to Milwaukee, she fell in love with Wisconsin’s world-class cheese, but longed for a favorite Southern staple: pimento cheese. It was then that the community food advocate and chef decided to set out on a new culinary adventure. Mighty Fine Food was born with Martha’s Pimento Cheese leading the way, marrying the best of Southern foodway traditions with the best of Wisconsin’s finest contribution to American eating: great cheese. Martha’s Pimento Cheese is the evolution of generations of pimento-cheese-eating and pimento-cheese-making, weaving the culinary traditions of Martha’s Southern roots to her new found home in America’s Dairyland, Wisconsin. Martha grew up in the Piney Woods of East Texas (hometown of Tyler), where the sensibilities lean more southern than western, holding the kitchen and dining tables in high regard as the source of nourishment and enlightenment.
Martha Davis Kipcak

A philosophy of sustainability

As a community food system activist in Milwaukee, Martha has dedicated herself to creating a food environment that is socially just, ecologically sustainable and economically vibrant. In keeping with that spirit, she founded Mighty Fine Food to produce small batch, handmade, high quality food that honors the producers on the farm, the factory, the kitchen and elevates the role of good food well made in our lives.

Martha’s Pimento Cheese is handcrafted in small batches by the Mighty Fine Food team at Clock Shadow Creamery, one of a handful of urban cheese factories in the United States. The Clock Shadow Building is a cutting-edge green building in the Walker’s Point neighborhood south of downtown Milwaukee using locally sourced and recycled materials, innovative sustainable technologies and a deep commitment to community. Visitors are welcome to tour the Creamery and purchase an array of great Wisconsin cheese at the retail shop.

It all starts with great Wisconsin cheese

Martha’s Pimento Cheese is award-winning because we thoughtfully source great Wisconsin cheese as our primary ingredient. Martha’s is produced using ONLY Aged White Cheddar cheese made by Red Barn Family Farms, winner of 17 awards in their 7 years of doing business. Red Barn Family Farms is on a mission to honor and preserve Wisconsin’s rich family dairy farming heritage. Their standards are high. All of their small family farms are paid according to their exceptional dedication to producing clean, quality milk and gentle care of the cows through a Certified Humane inspection. All the milk and cheese produced under Red Barn Family Farms is rBGH free which means a lot to consumers. That means a lot to us too. Happy cows living with happy farmers make happy milk which makes happy cheese turned into happy pimento cheese. Happy Martha’s Pimento Cheese. Taking the extra steps all along the way makes a difference.

A 2017 US Cheese Champion

Mighty Fine Food couldn’t be happier to stand humbly alongside the incredible Wisconsin cheese and dairy companies that took 60% of the awards in the 2017 US Championship Cheese Contest. Wisconsin swept the biggest of the biggest technical competition ever for the industry to take the top three places plus a whole lot more. Martha’s Pimento Cheese won a Bronze Medal in the Cheese Based Spread category, competing against companies 10+ times the size of Mighty Fine Food. Not bad at all for a little engine that could. Check out the full, impressive account of Wisconsin winners.

A love affair with Peppers

Black pepper. Green pepper. Red pepper. Love them all.

Peppers of all shapes and sizes and degrees of heat provide just the right zing to brighten Martha’s into an award winning pimento cheese. When possible, peppers are sourced from our hard working farmers of Southeast Wisconsin. We are especially keen on purchasing fresh jalapeño peppers from the skilled farmers of Fondy Farm in Port Washington, Wisconsin and the youth gardeners who grow amazing produce at Alice’s Garden in the heart of Milwaukee, WI.

Packaging that stays out of the landfill

Sourcing appropriate containers for Martha’s Pimento Cheese has been an education. We had settled in on handsome packaging made from 100% plant-based plastic, but the company decided to not continue manufacturing the package we used. Argh. While compostable containers are desired, it does require municipalities to get on board with wide-scale commercial composting operations. We’re not quite there yet. Here’s to hoping we keep moving in that responsible direction.

Martha’s Pimento Cheese is now packaged in fully recyclable plastic containers (which look just like the earlier compostable ones). After polishing off a tub of MPC, we hope you toss our containers into the recycling bin, or wash them out to hold your leftover supper for lunch tomorrow or make a nifty container to keep those spare paper clips. Reuse. Recycle. Repurpose.

Mighty Fine Food LLC is committed to elevating good food to the highest level of social and environmental responsibility. Thank you kindly for sharing our values.

Onward and upward together.

Mighty Fine Food handcrafts Martha's Pimento Cheese in small batches bringing a much beloved Southern staple to the Midwest and advocating a just, sustainable, responsible, and delicious food system.