Our Starved Parks

The park's financial troubles: their share of the county tax levy fell from 31% to 9.9% between 1980 and 2000, and park staffs were cut by two-thirds. And the downward trend has continued. Economies have included fee increases, pool closings, elimination of lifeguards, no more stocking of fish in lagoons.
Preserve our Parks

Badly needed is a dedicated funding source that can't be raided to help cover state-mandated expenses and rising costs of other County programs. Two remedies are being discussed:

A half-percent sales tax assessment, like the one for the Miller Park stadium, and

A separate self-funding parks district.

County voters in the 2008 election gave a rousing YES to a penny boost in the current sales tax to provide more funding for County parks and recreation, the transit system, emergency services and property tax relief. As the referendum was advisory, the measure requires positive action by the State Legislature, the Governor and the County Board (which supported the referendum).

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Preserve Our Parks, a nonprofit watchdog group, battles to keep Milwaukee area parks open and green, resists incursions for non-park uses, and fights for funds to properly maintain one of the County’s greatest treasures, its parks system.