Winter Hiking Near Water

Though it's getting colder again, this is a good time to release all the stress from your life and get outdoors. Being in nature does wonders to clear the mind, lower blood pressure, and calm the nerves. Turn off the TV and step outside. Listen to the waves lap at the beach. It's bliss.
Barabara Ali

I was at Doctors Park last week before we had new snow. With water everywhere from snowmelt, I'm sure it is very slippery now, on the stairs and ramps.  Be sure to bring your hiking poles or wear yaktrax (I'm including the link in case you're new to Wisconsin winters).  Make your way to the lake to see these beautiful nuggets of ice.  I think this one is appropriate for the month of February, don't you? And the stones along the beach are quite pretty when the water is cold and clear, washing over them. In years past, this beach was under ice formations, so this is warmer than usual. I took the stairway and it was doable.


Stairway to the lakefront


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