Fruity Nutty 5 Orchard Contest


The Fruity Nutty Five Contest is now accepting entries! Organize your community. Plan an urban orchard or food forest. Share your plan with us. Win an orchard. It's that simple!

The Fruity Nutty Campaign promotes the planting of fruit and nut trees in parks and residential yards and the creation of neighborhood orchards and food forests throughout the city of Milwaukee. By planting fruit and nut trees, our goal is to protect the environment, improve public health, and strengthen our community. Through the Fruity Nutty Campaign, we have awarded 18 Fruity Nutty Orchards and planted hundreds of other fruit and nut trees, including those at Concordia Gardens.

Fruit and nut trees provide nutritious food, serve as a source of oxygen, protect against soil erosion, and keep neighborhoods cool in the summer. Planting trees strengthens relationships between neighbors, encouraging community. We hope that neighbors who grow fruit and nut trees will share their bounty! In fact, on any given block, there is often a need for two of any given type of fruit and nut tree in order to achieve cross-pollination. Fruit trees, like people we believe, need one another to thrive.

Victory Garden Initiative builds communities that grow their own food, creating a community-based, socially just, environmentally sustainable, nutritious food system for all.