Free Yoga Opportunity


We (and our generous neighbors from INVIVO) would like to reward all your hard work spent restoring Milwaukee’s native landscape and revitalizing the community. Take a break from pulling buck thorn, watering natives, and fostering riparian biodiversity and put on your yoga pants! Yoga instructor Cara has recently completed her certification. As her final project she is offering her Karma Series to RRF friends and family. Below is her brief biography:

“Cara has been part of the wellness field since 2000 working in the skin care, spa, and wellness industry. Cara started practicing yoga as a way to find movement and strength. After working closely with yoga teachers she was inspired and decided to deepen her practice. In 2015 she attained her 200 hour Integrated Yoga Therapy training through Haleybird Studios. Through this training she discovered yoga is not just poses but a way of life. This discovery brings a greater fulfillment, a kinder outlook on life and self-awareness. Cara enjoys sharing the gift of yoga with all bodies, ages, and experience. In her classes you should sense and feel the calmness she brings to the practice. You should expect to feel safe and welcomed and encouraged to find some playfulness in your practice. Cara believes that Yoga awakens your most basic nature of being alive, of caring for our bodies and of relaxing into the space of mental freedom.”

For the class to be a success she needs 2-15 participants. Please extend this to any friends and family that would be interested—it would be great if we can provide her with a good class size! If you are interested in participating please RSVP to Invivo or call 920.420.2527. I hope some of you can attend!

Free yoga, the Karma Series will be offered:

Friday, January 29th @ 1:30 PM-2:30 PM: Connection of Earth and Gratitude
Friday, February 5th @ 1:30 PM-2:30 PM: Hips and Fluidity
Friday, February 12th @ 1:30 PM-2:30 PM: Self-Empowerment
Friday, February 19th @ 1:30 PM-2:30 PM: Heart Opening

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