The Power of Intention


Dear Friends,

You could call it serendipity, but I call it intention.

Darian comes to the garden after school every day to work at the FarmStand. He and the other FarmStand kids sell the produce they helped grow to the neighbors. They make a little pocket cash, learn marketing skills, and understand the value of hard work. Darian takes home a bag of fresh veggies for his mother when he leaves. His family’s diet improves. His ability to focus in school increases and, unlike many of his cousins, he graduates from high school and enters college. For six months out of the year, 20 households eat fresh veggies that Darian helped grow.

Meanwhile, little JoAnn has a BLITZ garden in her front yard. She has access to all the good food she needs regardless, but when she is outside in the garden with her mother, watching the bees pollinate her tomatoes, she makes the connection between food and the urban ecology around her. When JoAnn grows up she naturally chooses to eat foods that are grown without the use of pesticides. She uses her dollars to create alternative food markets, contributing to a better world through her purchases.

Gayla walks from her house across the street from our small urban farm. When I mention that I haven’t seen her in a while, she tells me that she just got out of the hospital again. “This place is my saving grace.” She heads toward the production area with her small daughter in tow. They harvest a bag of veggies to cook for dinner.

Martha grew up on a small family farm. She recalls the day the family farm foreclosed. She was seven, and her family lost everything—including access to good, fresh food. After a lifetime of feeling the loss, Martha found our Food Leader program and began to respond. She started Gramma’s Gardens at area daycares in her hometown.

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