2015 Milwaukee Film Festival


Milwaukee Riverkeeper is happy to be a community partner for the 2015 Milwaukee Film Festival! This year we are excited to be partnered with the film Beatles.

This winning coming-of-age drama (based on an internationally best-selling novel) shows that the most seismic changes in a young life can come with the drop of a needle on some classic vinyl. Beatlemania hits Norway, and Kim, Gunnar, Ola, and Seb can’t help but be swept up in the fever, plotting to start their own quartet, The Snafus. And though their dreams of rock superstardom aren’t meant to be, their pursuit of this passion leads them through formative experiences with girls, bullies, alcohol, and political tumult in this nostalgic portrait of youthful abandon (filled with original Beatles recordings!).


Make sure to check out one of four showings of Beatles in the next two weeks or any of the other amazing films being offered this year. The Milwaukee Film Festival runs from September 24 to October 9.

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