Parks and Cultural Funding Calculator


The Marquette Law School and the Public Policy Forum recently unveiled a funding calculator that can assist in the critical discussion of funding solutions for Milwaukee County's Parks and supported cultural facilities. Of course, they are not taking a stance on funding solutions but did this in an effort to provide citizens with a tool that can stimulate discussions. Beyond that, it seems that this can also be used as a tool for park advocates to put pressure on our elected officials to actually do something about the impending collapse of Milwaukee County's ability to properly fund our parks and cultural institutions.

Please pass this around to your friends and colleagues and also consider sending your own solution to your elected officials and other politicians in positions of power, like our state legislative leaders. Maybe if they get a slew of these they may actually take action!!? Ya, we don't think so either but it doesn't hurt to try.

Here is the access to the calculator website:

The Park People believe that public parks enrich our lives and communities. Whether one is biking along a path, pushing a child in a swing, or merely cherishing a view, our daily lives benefit from our park experiences.