Non-Diversion Solution provides Waukesha with abundant supply of safe, clean drinking water


Milwaukee Riverkeeper is leading a group of environmental non-profits called the Compact Implementation Coalition (CIC) which is working to ensure the proper implementation of the Great Lakes Compact and watch dogging the city of Waukesha’s application for a water diversion.

On July 9, 2015, the CIC released a new analysis, called the Non-Diversion Solution, that shows Waukesha does have a reasonable water supply alternative to Great Lakes water. The Non-Diversion Solution demonstrates how the City of Waukesha can treat water from three of its deep groundwater wells, while continuing to use existing shallow wells, to sustainably supply water to its existing service area, with no additional environmental impact to surrounding wetlands or surface waters and at a much reduced cost.

Waukesha’s diversion application will set a precedent for similar future decisions across the entire Great Lakes region so it’s vital that the state of Wisconsin get this right. The Great Lakes are one of our most critical natural resources. They drive our economy, recreation, and ultimately our quality of life. The Compact was created with the intention of protecting this natural resource for future generations to enjoy.

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