Public comments show sharp divide on I-94 widening west of Stadium Interchange


By Sean Ryan

There was no way to make everybody happy with the Interstate 94 reconstruction around the Stadium Interchange.

The written comments sent to the state on the project and obtained by the Milwaukee Business Journal show a range of opinions, many strongly worded, on the work between 70th and 16th streets. Most attention was given to the area west of the Stadium Interchange, where the state considered expanding the highway either as a double-decker or at-grade with narrower lanes in a design that limits access to Hawley Road. That area is challenging because it is between two cemeteries, and state officials refused to move grades to widen the highway footprint.

The final reconstruction plan, announced last week, includes eight lanes and would rebuild I-94 at-grade west of the Stadium Interchange, instead of with a double-decker.
Johnson Controls Inc., which last year opened an office nearby in West Allis, recommended a third option in its letter to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The company suggested a reversible car-pool lane that could handle traffic in either direction depending on need.

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