Changes coming to Milwaukee transit next week


by Kieth Crum

Do you ride the Routes 10, 14 and 30? Change is in store for you beginning this weekend.

Route 10
MCTS will be replacing Route 10 with a new Gold Line Express. The Gold Line express will follow the current routing of the #10 west of downtown and follow the current routing of the #30 Downer north of Downtown. The new route is supposed to make jobs in Waukesha more accessible to central city residents by speeding up travel times. The current Route 10 service to Bayshore will be transferred to Route 14, which will be the 14 Humboldt-Forest Home.

Route 30
MCTS will be significantly changing the Route 30. From now on, there will be no branches on Route 30; all #30 buses on the west side will travel on Sherman to Florist and all #30 buses on the east side will travel on Maryland to Downer.

East Side
The bus service on Downer will be replaced by the Gold Line. Route 21 will also continue to travel on Downer on Weekdays between September and June.

West Side
The bus service on Keefe will be replaced by a new Route 61 Appleton-Keefe. More on that below.

The 30X is back, after being eliminated about a decade ago, and it is better than ever. It will run seven days a week. To find out exactly when it will run, check out the #30 schedule.

Route 61
One of the most significant changes is that central city is now connected to Menomonee Falls and Germantown by a new bus route, the #61 Appleton-Keefe. The route is the latest new route from a settlement between WisDOT and MICAH & Black Health Coalition.

The new route will travel from 35th/Toronto (between Capitol and Hopkins) to the Germantown Walmart. An extension to the Germantown Industrial Park will operate to the park in the morning and from the park in the afternoon on weekdays, with one late-night round trip.

This is good news for unemployed central city residents in poverty and advocates for fairness throughout the Milwaukee area.

Get more transit updates from the Transit Riders Union at the link below:

The Milwaukee Transit Riders Union is an organization of bus riders fighting for a safe, efficient, accountable, and affordable transit system.