The Greenway Gateway


By Michael Horne

For several years I have enjoyed a view of the Milwaukee River from its eastern shore and have photographed the changes underway at what used to be Melanec’s Wheelhouse across the river on the western shore, which is actually due north at this part of the river. After what seemed to be a slow start, dramatic changes are underway at the area just downstream from the former dam.

This is an intersection of urban development and natural habitat rarely found in any metropolitan area. This is a world class salmon and trout stream right in the middle of one of the most densely populated areas of the state.

Just this week, large boulders have been dumped into the river as part of a Fish Shoal (photos of the construction) project in a Wisconsin DNR project. Nearby shoreline restoration is underway and new access has been created for the Greenway Gateway, a project of the River Revitalization Foundation, which has moved its headquarters to a rehabbed 1960s single family residence on the site at 2134 N. Riverboat Road. (The tan brick building can be seen in the photos; it was preserved and reused for this project, just one of its quality, eco-friendly elements.)

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River Revitalization Foundation is Milwaukee's urban rivers land trust. We focus on conservation and protection of riparian corridors.