An Invitation To Participate in the Great Lakes Commons Charter


We need to define the future we want for these Lakes and stand up for it. The Great Lakes Commons Charter is central to that effort — and so are you.

Out of our love for the Great Lakes and our responsibilities to future generations, we are calling for a renewed relationship and mode of governance for the Great Lakes Commons. We are asking you to join us.

Drawing on the rich knowledge of commons and Indigenous traditions, the Great Lakes Commons Charter is a participatory effort to build community engagement, agreement and shared responsibility for the water. Together we are creating a living Charter that embodies commons governing philosophy: that these lakes are irreplaceable, sacred, and necessary for life and must be carefully shared and protected in perpetuity.

Find out more about the charter and Great Lakes Commons below:

Milwaukee Water Commons is a cross-city network that fosters connection, collaboration and broad community leadership on behalf of our waters. We promote stewardship of, equitable access to and shared decision-making for our common waters.