Tree Donations


Commemorate an event in one's life or dedicate a tree to a loved one through the Park People tree program.
The program is as simple as 1 2 3!
1. Pick the type of tree you want planted.  The Park People offers three tree types; ornamental, evergreen, or shade. 

Ornamental trees are $450 and examples of this type are: Crabapple, Japanese Lilac, Red Bud, etc.

Evergreen trees are $400.

Shade trees are $550 and examples are: Maple, Oak, Birch, etc.

2. Pick the park where the tree will be planted and in most cases the area of placement within that park. 
3. Provide the words for the dedication.  Each tree will have a 2x3 inch brass hang tag placed on a branch after planting with your words.
Our trees are placed during prime planting seasons in spring and fall.
Please call for more information and a brochure/order form.  414-273-7275

The Park People believe that public parks enrich our lives and communities. Whether one is biking along a path, pushing a child in a swing, or merely cherishing a view, our daily lives benefit from our park experiences.