Volunteer with The Park People


The Park People of Milwaukee County (TPP) work with thousands of parks activists throughout Southeast Wisconsin to build active, aware, and educated park constituents who transform parks into vital community centers.

From litter removal, recycling, and tree and garden planting, to organizing special events, The Park People’s Volunteer Program offers volunteers the opportunity to promote community pride in Milwaukee County’s greatest resource, and a chance to become directly involved in the protection, preservation, and maintenance of Milwaukee County’s historical neighborhood parks, playgrounds and forest preserves.

Through our Volunteer program, interested individuals, company employees, universities, and community organizers work together to improve local parks, beaches, open spaces and forest preserves. Other volunteer programs encourage interested individuals to become park advocates and stewards of our city’s open spaces.

Specific volunteer opportunities include:

TPP Board of Directors

We're always looking for energetic people who are passionate about our parks to serve on our Board of Directors. Contact us if you have interest in getting involved with The Park People's Board of Directors!

TPP Environmental Committee: Weed Out Warriors
Visit our Weed Out schedule (located under Programs) and become a volunteer Weed Out Warrior today! Volunteer to assist in the Weed Out sessions by calling (414) 273-7275 or contacting us

TPP Friends Group Committee: Friends Group Initiative
Help The Park People provide financial and organizational support to new Friends Groups to help reach our goal of a Friends Group for every park in the Milwaukee County Park System! With The Park People, you know the work will be fun- past efforts have included our wild 1986 Mardi Gras Party to help start Friends of The Domes and our 1995 “First Niter” event at Bartolotta’s Lake Park Bistro to help start Lake Park Friends.

TPP Friends Group Committee: Friends Group Advisory Council
Already a Friends Group leader? We’re looking for your guidance to help determine and measure The Park People goals for Friends Group capacity-building support! Council members must be elected leaders with their Friends Groups and paid members of The Park People. The Advisory Council will meet twice each year. Friends Groups Friends Groups have numerous events and activities in need of extra hands. Please contact us to learn which Friends Groups need your help!

Office Work:

TPP periodically needs assistance in our office with data input, mailings, phones, packet assembly, and/or registration for special events.

For more information on volunteer project email your name, address and daytime phone number to jim@parkpeoplemke.org or use our contact form or call us at 414-273-PARK

The Park People believe that public parks enrich our lives and communities. Whether one is biking along a path, pushing a child in a swing, or merely cherishing a view, our daily lives benefit from our park experiences.