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Habitat Healers at Riveredge Nature Center


The mission of the Habitat Healer program is to preserve and improve the health and biodiversity of Riveredge Nature Center’s natural sanctuary. However, the program recognizes several other important individual and community educational goals as well. These include:

Providing a group learning environment that fosters Habitat Healers individual growth and the sharing of interests among its members;

Helping others, through sanctuary preservation, research, and stewardship, to understand the interconnectedness of all living things;

Serving as a regional resource for teaching effective stewardship methods by integrating elements of experimental design and analysis into Habitat Healer activities.

The Habitat Healers are led by Riveredge’s Larsen Legacy Senior Naturalist, Mandie Zopp.

We have traditional Habitat Healer workdays every Tuesday from 9 a.m. to Noon as well as customized programs for health & wellness, team building, and traditional employee volunteer days.

Groups engage in the following activities:

Monitoring species location and abundance.

Assessing population health.

Identifying current and potential threats to sanctuary biodiversity.

Researching and recommending strategies to reduce or eliminate potential threats.

Three half-day Habitat Healer stewardship work sessions per month.

Contact Pat Fox-Schindler, Director of Volunteer Services, at 800-287-8098 or volunteers@riveredge.us for more details or to help out.

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