Chris Liam teaching students

Interpretive Naturalist Riveredge Nature Center


An Interpretative Naturalist (IN) is a Riveredge-trained interpreter of the natural world for adults and school age children from the general public. Through leading weekend interpretive hikes and hands-on discovery activities, an IN helps to develop within people an understanding of their relationship with and sense of responsibility for the earth and its plant and animal life. Interpretative Naturalists, with support from the Environmental Education staff, co-teach and lead educational programs such as seasonal family hikes, Nature Tots and assist with special events throughout the year. The Interpretative Naturalist program is specifically designed to meet the needs working professionals who are interested in giving back to their community and the environment through meaningful and valuable volunteer work that also offers them the opportunity to learn something along the way. The Interpretative Naturalist training is shorter and requires a less rigorous volunteer commitment than a Teacher Naturalist position, but still teaches basic environmental literacy, natural history and exemplary environmental education techniques.

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