Wudeward Urban Forest Products

Wudeward is a leading commercial supplier of Wisconsin Urban Wood lumber for architects, designers, builders and wood product producers. We are working to transform our community’s fallen or condemned trees into functional, beautiful hardwood products that can once again breathe

Trees are an essential and intricate part of our human lives. When growing, they improve air, water, and soil quality; and provide habitat, shade and beauty. When milled into lumber, they can give us shelter, warmth, and comfort for hundreds of years.

Wisconsin has an estimated 42 million urban trees. Tens of thousands of these trees are removed from municipalities each year due to disease, infestation, storm damage, environmental stresses, or improper management and care. The spread of emerald ash borer infestations, for example, will potentially require the removal and replacement of millions of ash trees across the state.

As urban wood stewards, Wudeward recovers this magnificent untapped resource, saving it from wood chippers and firewood piles to give it a second life as lumber, flooring or millwork. Urban wood has a lower environmental impact than forested wood because plantings outpace removals, it is material diverted from a waste stream, it is regionally-sourced, and it is sustainably-harvested.

We work with architects, interior designers, builders, homeowners, developers, manufacturers and furniture makers nationwide who all have found innovative uses for this beautiful and renewable material. We also share our expertise with municipalities, businesses and residents through onsite tree consultations.

Who We Are
Wudeward Urban Forest Products is an exclusive supplier of Wisconsin Urban Wood, which assures buyers that the wood originated from Wisconsin and passed through and entire supply chain of Wisconsin-based people and businesses to arrive as the final product. Dwayne is a founding partner of Wisconsin Urban Wood, a nonprofit focused on building networks of people and businesses that links material streams and availability of quality urban wood products and services across our state. He also is an appointed member of the Wisconsin Urban Forestry Council.
What We Do
Urban wood comes exclusively from trees that have been removed due to circumstance. In the lumber-making process, the entire tree is recovered and put to its highest and best use — two key tenets of sustainable urban forestry. Wisconsin Urban Wood can be used anywhere regular forested wood is used, but is most suitable for: architectural woodwork including doors, cabinets, stairs, and railings; interior finish work including wainscoting, wall cladding, molding, and trim; and flooring. Nature is in charge of inventory, which is what makes urban wood a beautifully unique product.
Why It Matters
There is a growing movement to divert urban wood from waste streams by processing it into lumber. Urban wood can be used anywhere traditional lumber is used. However, sourcing, milling, specifying, and installing urban wood requires a slightly different process than what design professionals and contractors may be used to. Wudeward makes the entire process of working with Wisconsin Urban Wood easy by guiding clients and their suppliers from project concept all the way through to completion.
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