University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Office of Sustainability

Stewardship of resources that promote sustainability, prosperity, and equity for all in the local and global communities
Who We Are
The Office of Sustainability at UW-Milwaukee, founded in 2008, assesses, supports, and drives sustainability initiatives across campus operations, student life, and throughout academic affairs. By building cross campus and community collaborations, integrating sustainability into campus planning initiatives, assessing impacts over the long term, and working from our own sense of place and purpose, UW-Milwaukee manages its resources wisely and makes sustainability relevant to its teaching and research mission.
What We Do
Sustainability at UWM can be seen across campus, from green roofs to gardens, from recycled computers to energy efficiency overhauls of major campus buildings.  Changes in campus operations seek to reduce energy, waste, and toxic materials while increasing recycling, renewable energy, and campus awareness of green practices and procedures. The Office of Sustainability is housed within Facilities Planning and Management in the Division of Finance and Administrative Affairs. However, sustainability reaches across campus, and the Office of Sustainability bridges the gap with Restaurant Operations, the Purchasing Department, University Information Technology Services, University Housing, and many other committees and staff. At times, campus sustainability initiatives also connect with Academic Affairs. The School of Architecture and Urban Planning, the College of Engineering, and the Conservation and Environmental Science Program have initiated and partnered on multiple campus living laboratory programs. Connecting curriculum and research with campus initiatives is critical to institutionalizing sustainability at UWM.
Why It Matters
To support the Mission, Vision, and Values of UW-Milwaukee by managing the campus financial, environmental, and human resources wisely.
PO Box 413
Milwaukee, WI 53211
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