Designopedia e-Learning supports schools greening their curriculum, campus, and communities while encouraging young imaginations to find places to contribute. Journeys nurture creativity and look at how culture, society, technology, and the environment shape design responses.

Who We Are © is an eLearning DESIGNopedia created a multi-generational team of professionals and students to share sustainable practices across diverse populations. It introduces what design is, what design does, and why design is important. Transdisciplinary activities connect nine scales of investigation- nano, pattern, object, space, architecture, neighborhood, urban, region, and world linking place-based projects with virtual field trips, museum tours, research institutions and contemporary art, science and design practices introducing environmental systems thinking.
What We Do empowers youth voices to engage contemporary issues as active citizens using everyday technology to contribute to better life in their communities.’s collaborative team develops standards aligned systems thinking activities shared in workshops with K-2, 3-5, middle and high school teachers and students with place-based projects. The iterative, explorative nature of design stimulates imagination and allows for failure, reflection, evaluation, and rethinking our future together.
Why It Matters
Two-thirds of the US population does not attend college, yet lives in communities. Architecture and the built environment serves as this living skin as our past, present and future DNA. The built and natural environments are everything to human prospect and wellbeing and need to be a part of every person's education.
Welcome. Our work with's informal E-learning Designopedia is in its eleventh year and reaches out to remote classrooms across fifty states and over two hundred countries with design opportunities. It is a civic right for all people to understand the preciousness of clean water, clean air, and renewable resources as urban and environmental stewards. Today, to be alive is to be learning and the purpose of life is to learn one's purpose. As an educational non-profit we help lower-income underserved school children and communities to design better futures. We make learning fun!
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