Milwaukee Arts Barge

To transforms public waterways into creative and social spaces of civic engagement.

Milwaukee Arts Barge (MAB) is a mobile performing arts venue that transforms public waterways into creative and social spaces of civic engagement. The project utilizes Milwaukee‘s most valuable public space, its network of rivers and the lakefront, and offers a signature-floating venue to propel new creative opportunities for performers, environmental communities and the city.

Who We Are
MAB accommodates theater, dance, concerts, film screenings, and community events. It allows unique parts of Milwaukee to be the backdrop and the place from which to engage the city. Established in 2016, MAB works with performing arts communities, social and environmental advocacy groups, governmental organizations, and grant foundations. MAB provides these local groups and city residents the ability to reimagine the city by transforming the waterways into a space of engagement. MAB is a proud member of the Milwaukee Environmental Consortium (MEC).
What We Do
MAB also works directly with water advocacy groups and operates as a floating classroom: It educates residents about the importance of the waterways and its ecologies, it collects data about the water quality, and operates as a free mobile WI-FI hotspot for city residents.
Why It Matters
MAB is a resource for Milwaukee’s performing arts, water advocacy and community groups. If your performing arts organization, social and environmental advocacy group would like to use MAB please contact Antonio Furgiuele at
1845 N Farwell Avenue Suite 100
Milwaukee, WI 53202
July 29, 2016
MAB operates through a working relationship with SARUP, where Furgiuele is collaborating with architecture students to develop the project. Together, the team
July 8, 2016
The question is, can the budding organizations behind the Milwaukee Arts Barge and the The Next Museum turn good instincts into well articulated plans that will attract and inspire community support — and, of course, funding.
May 12, 2016
Led by Antonio Furgiuele, adjunct assistant professor of architecture, the Milwaukee Arts Barge project is a portable performance/exhibit space that would float on a barge in Lake Michigan and Milwaukee rivers.
April 26, 2016
His idea is that we could take advantage of Milwaukee’s public waterways to float an arts barge that would connect the adjacent communities with the cultural arts scene.
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