Kompost Kids Inc

Our mission is to educate the public, individuals, businesses, and institutions about the benefits of compost and to reclaim organic materials from landfills to create soil for community-based agriculture projects.
Who We Are
Kompost Kids Inc. works to restore Milwaukee’s degraded soils and sustain the ecology of our home. We build and renew gardens, teach people how to recycle organic waste, and we make living soil from food waste by composting it. What sounds like a simple process of decay is in fact based on the accumulated knowledge of millennia of agricultural experiment, and the effort of volunteers in neighborhoods throughout our community. Kompost Kids Inc. is a volunteer-run 501(c)3 nonprofit.
What We Do
We maintain a network of community compost sites where residents and gardeners bring food and garden waste to be composted. We collect preconsumer food waste from restaurant partners. We manage waste collection at parties, events and street festivals such as the Bay View Bash, which is nearing the threshold for “Zero Waste.” We educate Milwaukee about compost and it’s benefits.
Why It Matters
Compost is the oldest form of recycling.
PO Box 70458
Milwaukee, WI 53207
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