Heartland Labs

Heartland Labs is a leading manufacturer of innovative consumer specialty products. We design our products to outperform the major brands.

Heartland Labs is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. We were one of the first specialty chemical manufacturers in the world to incorporate environmentally friendly specifications into our new product development efforts and to obtain third party certification of biodegradability claims many years ago. We continue to develop problem solvers based on green technologies for use by consumers, business and industry.

We are a market leader in providing innovative specialty products for home and commerical use, health care, pet care, and recreational vehicle and marine care. Heartland Labs products are available worldwide through distributors, other manufacturers, direct marketers, hardware stores, home centers, large retail chains, mail order catalogues, and online retailers.

Who We Are
Our mission is to create high performance green consumer products that exceed customer expectations. We were formed in the mid 1990s to introduce the cleaning power of microbes to consumer products. Our parent company has manufactured specialty water treatment products in Wisconsin for more than 45 years. Dedication and diversity describes our team.
What We Do
Drain openers are the most hazardous product present in most households. We are currently developing a microbe based drain build up remover with a performance additive that will, with repeated use, stop gunk from sticking to the inside of pipes, prevent drain clogs and prevent the need to keep drain openers in the home.
Why It Matters
Consumers who are committed enough to use green household products deserve value and high performance.
5600 W. Douglas Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53218
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