Friends of Milwaukee's Downtown Forest

The purpose of Friends of Milwaukee’s Downtown Forest is to envision, design, advocate, and install Permaculture based Urban Edible Forests in metropolitan Milwaukee. This design shall incorporate permaculture guilds as models for others to replicate.

We seek Friends who can come together and create an alternate dialogue for 1500 N Milwaukee St (320 E Ogden) refocusing the developer's glass, steel and concrete lenses. The triple (quad) bottom line benefits of this effort will enhance the livability of Milwaukee's downtown. It will bring emotional, social, environmental and economic benefits to our city.

Who We Are
The Park East Corridor has been an area of interest since 2011 when two peach pits were guerrilla-planted there. Early in 2016, a newspaper article informed us of the new developments planned in that area. At the same time "Integrated Forest Gardening was published. This last open site was destined to be an urban food forest with 15 model permaculture guilds and 11 raised bed gardens (1511). I started a Facebook page and to meet with people and organizations in MKE that might be able to help advocate for this vision.
What We Do
We are currently advocates for permaculture sites in green spaces and spaces needing "greening", from downtown at 1511 N Milwaukee to the Inner Harbor Development to the Menomonee Valley to that empty lot in your neighborhood. As we gain support we will begin to raise funds for long term commitment to these areas for oversight and maintenance. MEC has become the fiscal sponsor for FMDF. We have sought funding to bring together stakeholders in Milwaukee's for system to examine our common effort to create a resilience and just food system.
Why It Matters
Our downtown area is undergoing a rapid and dramatic transformation from a long empty deconstructed freeway landscape to mixed condo and commercial building structures on the riverfront and adjacent areas. A new professional sports complex is also included in the mélange. Meanwhile the racial/economic divisions of our city remain. Milwaukee in reported to be the fourth poorest and most segregated cities in the country. Basic needs in housing, transportation, education, nutrition/health and jobs are not being met. Food/nutrition inequality and insecurity is a prominent issue.
Creating an urban food forest on the proposed site would highlight the need for sustainability and resiliency by adding green space with a food focus. FMDF would highlight Permaculture Guilds and a community garden that would promote urban forestry to mitigate the heat island effect, capture urban rainwater run-off, and capture carbon. FMDF will promote of models of green infrastructure, green occupations, and locally grown and harvested food. An empty building for retail spaces could be purposed as a community kitchen for food preservation reskilling, sales, workshops and homeless shelter.
February 23, 2018
Friends of Milwaukee's Downtown Forest (FMDF) submitted an application for membership and fiscal sponsorship to the Milwaukee Environmental Consortium (MEC). At the MEC February Board meeting this application was accepted. FMDF is now able to receive funds that can be managed by MEC.
November 26, 2017
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November 26, 2017
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November 26, 2017
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