Forward Courier

Our goal is to support Milwaukee's thriving local businesses. We live here, we work here. Whether your a bakery, an architecture firm, coffee wholesaler, or just don't want to leave the house. We have you covered for all of your delivery needs.
Forward Courier
Who We Are
Forward Courier formed in 2015 when we saw a need for an on demand transport service that catered to the growing needs of Milwaukee. Our mission is to help local businesses grow and help reduce the emissions footprint within the delivery market. We currently employ a seasoned team of riders that battle the elements on a daily basis. Rain or shine we work hard to get your package where it needs to go in one piece.
What We Do
We currently work with over 25 local restaurants to provide on demand delivery and catering in the metro Milwaukee area. We have handcrafted a online ordering platform allowing our clients to host their goods and services online. This allows us to stay competitive with other venture capital delivery services, truly allowing us to keep things local. Our bonded and insured riders also can provide local and regional transport for bank runs, legal documents, and whole sale items. What separates us from the rest is our customer service and our drive to keep customers and clients happy.
Why It Matters
Between our dedication to customer service and our efficiency we are working to build a solid foundation for the future of transport. Our vision is to foster the growth of Last Mile Logistics within Milwaukee. Milwaukee being the unique city that it is constantly finds itself congested with large semi and box trucks. We can offer a greener solution to alleviating the congestion in the Metro Milwaukee area.
Forward Courier
December 14, 2017
As we enter another cold Wisconsin winter, the difficulties of getting around in the cold and snow can cause even the best-laid dinner plans to go awry. Nights out on the town increasingly turn into evenings in on the couch as tempuraters dip below the freezing point.
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